Reunion Committee Photo -- 06/15/10

The McClatchy June, 1960
Reunion Committee

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Outdoor Photo (on left)
Back Row, L to R
Sharon Pease Dobbins, Rudy Dressendorfer, Maxine Aaron,  Jim Townsend,
Fred Zawacki, ann Holt Lewis, Suzie Tochterman Lauer, Lynne Mueller Reiswig,
Judy Snowdy Burke, Sandra Greenberg Singer, Sharon Roberts Howell

Bottom Row, L to R
Bevan Richardson, Jane Schroeter Owen, Val Lewis,
Tildean Kensrud Silva, Julie Porter Strong



Indoor Photo (on right)
Front Row (L to R):
Bevan Richardson, Rudy Dressendorfer,
Lynne Mueller (Reiswig) (holding Rocky Lauer the dog!) and Jackie Battaglia (Kalhammer)

Middle Row (L to R:
Jane Schroeter (Owen), Sandra Greenberg (Singer), Sandie Canische (McGrath)
Back Row (L to R):
Cookie Kaupp (Lawrence), Sharon Roberts (Howell), Susan Lytle (Gilmore), Linda Grelich (Whitney), Suzie Tochterman (Lauer), Judy Snowdy (Burke), Val Lewis, Jim Townsend

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